Wedding Blessing, Benediction and Dismissal

William Loader


    Let the mountains whisper the joy of your love,
Let the mists surround you with stillness,

Let the red earth warm your feet,
Let the wildflowers celebrate your delight,
Let your world make you its companion,
Let people find in you hope and goodness,
and God dance with you for life
now and forever.

(written to be used alongside traditional blessing)


God’s goodness smile upon you as you go:
the abundance of nature excite you with newness,
the ageless rocks remind you of wisdom and experience,

the vast sea invite you to joy and mystery.

(written to read alongside traditional benediction)

Dismissal: Two Brave Ships

Two brave ships at anchor
in the safe harbour of friends and family,
a time of celebration and send-offs,
of hopes and best wishes.

 You will voyage across pristine seas
under clear skies,
flying fish at your bows,
dolphins in your wake,
great whales rising and submerging in the rhythm of the ocean. 

You have already called at many ports
and many more await you, for short stays, for long.
You will travel in convoy or side by side,
travelling together but each having your own hull,

your own identity side by side.

 Sometimes your bows will rise and fall
amid turbulence beyond your control
as you face the grey wind swept surging of the sea.
You will each need to find your own way to survive
but never lose contact in the storm,
hold direction and you will eventually find the calm
to bring you side by side.

 You will not see beyond the horizons,
nor know all the mystery of the ocean which bears you up,
for all our intent and information,
we are but leaves blown over the surface of time;
but enjoy knowing and being known by each other,
enjoy the love which will in some moments make you soft and gentle
and in others steel you to confront the fierce lashings of the tempest. 

God go with you on your journey,
circle you like the gulls,
and be the silent wondering which brings you
to your own inwardness and opens your hearts to others.
We celebrate your life together
and wish you well in your journey together. 

for Stef and Brendan 20 October 2002

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