Liturgical Resources and Reflective Writings

The following are pieces I have written for reflection and as liturgical resources:

Lukas of Priene - A Presentation of the Message of Christmas through Story
At the Well - a Reflection on John 4

Secrets of the Christmas Story in Matthew
Secrets of the Christmas Story in Luke

You Meet us in Moments of Holiness - Prayer
What Really Happened with Jesus. I wrote this piece for our 9 year old grandson soon to become an altar assistant at his school mass.
A Prayer for Palm Sunday
Graham and the Yellow Envelope - a story for Christmas
A Seed has fallen. A Reflection on John 12:20-33
St Patrick and the Helicopter
Lenten Studies: Reflections on the Gospel Readings: 6 Studies for Lent + A Reflection for Good Friday and Easter Day
See also The Gospel of Conflict
Nelson Mandela - In Memoriam
John, Jesus, and just You and Me? A Reflection on Hope Then and Now
Magpie - a set of 10 children's stories
Gay Marriage? Biblical Perspectives on Gay Marriage and Sexuality generally
For Children: Finding the Lost Sheep -also suitable for Christmas
See also God and the Buses
Listening and telling as Preachers
Love - a Reflection
Prayer and Reflection on the Death of a Parent - written for my mother's funeral and adaptable for wider use
A Very Special Baby - retelling the Christmas story for my 3 1/2 year old grandson; you need to add your own illustrations! Mine are only indicative.
An Order of Worship for Good Friday
A Reflection on Easter in German: Die Familie Osterhase
Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Studies in Sustainability
Australia's Day of Apology to the Stolen Generations of its Indigenous Peoples, 13 February 2008
The Zacchaeus Tree - A Reflection
Does the Cross mean "No"? Further Reflection on Christians and Other Faiths. Also in French: La Croix est-elle un "Non"?
Other Faiths: A New Testament Perspective
Dawn - A Reflection
Sacred Mountains - for Transfiguration and Reflective Occasions
Baptism, Water, and our World a reflection on baptism
The Christmas Queue - Reflections on the Journey to the Christ Child. Also in French: Faire la queue à Noël
God and the Sparrows - a reflection on divine risk and the cross
Bartimaeus, but where is Jesus? - a reflection on Jesus' priorities
Being the Church Then and Now: Issues from the Acts of the Apostles. 5 studies - Study 1 now also in Swedish translated by Weronika Pawlak


Forgiveness: A Reflection on Two Words from the Cross
A Prayer about God's Holiness;
(French Prière)
Christmas and Cronulla - a reflection on violence and hope
See also a Prayer for the New Year
He made himself known in the breaking of the bread
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit  - a reflection
Tsunami - and God
The White Ficafolia - a Christmas reflection
A Reflection on the Canadian Rockies - a prayer
Caiaphas - Did you know?
A Liturgy for Ash Wednesday
Tree of Life
A Prayer to God, the Spirit
A Service of the Eucharist - for use within Worship

God of the Mountain: A Reflection on the Meaning of the Cross (also in French:
Parlons de la Croix, le Dieu de la montagne
Wedding Blessing, Benediction and Dismissal (Two Brave Ships)
Hochzeitsansprache (a wedding homily in German)
The Sea of Theology written for the induction of Revd Dr Nancy Victorin-Vangerud as Principal of the Perth Theological Hall, 5 October 2002
What makes a person great? Greatness and God; (French
Dieu et la grandeur)
The Sadducees’ Question (Luke 20:27-38) - a Sequel
The Towers of Hell a comment on the terrorist attack
Beyond the Good Samaritan A reflection on loving
On Shore. A reflection on John 21:1-19
Father, forgive them! A reflection on Luke 23:34
Prayer for Transfiguration Sunday
Dogs Know - a canine reworking of the Prodigal Son parable (also in French Le chien du fils prodigue)
The Interruption - a reflection on Mark 2:1-12
The Enlightenment of a Goat - a reflection written in India on Matthew 25:31-46
Progress and poverty - a reflection on poverty and the 'march of progress'
Ordination Charge For the ordination of Revd Sylvia Hancock, Maylands Mt Lawley Uniting Church 13 June 1999
Conversation with an Apple
The Dolphin of Gennesareth
Wind, wind - a reflection on the Spirit
A Prayer for Ash Wednesday and for use in Lent
, now set to music by Nathan Waring, Chichester NEW
The unrepentant brigand: for Good Friday French
"I was inside" - a reflection on life outside the prison gate. - new. First published in Western Impact (French
Libéré de prison)
'Christ-centred mission' - an imaginary conversation - new - produced for the Synod Strategy and Extension Working Group
Should I touch him? - a Reflection on Mark 5:25-34; Matthew 9:20-22; Luke 7:42b-48
Isaac. - a reflection on Genesis 22
On the Hillside - Perspectives of a Bethlehem Sheep.
Bones - a reflection on John 6:1-21.
Under the Mountain - a reflection on my early childhood written for my mother's 85th birthday 1996.
The Church, property, and buildings - a biblical perspective.
A Prayer. You meet us in moments of holiness.
A Prayer for the journeyers
Christmas in a time of fiscal restraint - a bit of serious fun!