Lectionary Resources

First Thoughts on Passages from the Gospels and the Epistles in the Lectionary The aim of these is to offer some initial reflections on the readings in the lectionary as an aid to people preparing sermons. The comments are not meant to be exegetical commentaries, although they include exegetical observation. They also include reflections which point to contemporary issues. They are also, by the same token, not sermons, not an attempt to say to people what sermons ought to be about. They are offered as a stimulus only. I have written them with only the Greek text before me, so that occasionally your translations may have opted for alternative ways of reading the text. If you sense this is the case, please check other translations or refer to detailed commentaries.

I value feedback on whether you find it is useful and on how it might be changed/improved, made more useful.

A group of Melbourne colleagues, led by Revd Prof Howard Wallace, recently retired as Professor of Old Testament at the Uniting Church Theological Hall, has  commentaries on the Old Testament passages.


For the Year of  Mark

Engaging Mark - Reflections on Mark for Preaching NEW
The Gospel of Mark - An introduction for preachers

Pentecost 25: 15 November Mark 13:1-8
Pentecost 25: 15 November  Hebrews 10:11-14 (15-18) 19-25
Christ the King: 22 November John 18:33-37
Christ the King: 22 November  Revelation 1:4b-8

For the Year of  Luke
The Gospel of Luke - An introduction for preachers
Looking at Luke  New
See also the series The Christmas Story

Advent 1: 29 November  Luke 21:25-36
Advent 1: 29 November  1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Advent 2: 6 December Luke 3:1-6
Advent 2: 6 December  Philippians 1:1-11
Advent 3: 13 December Luke 3:7-18
Advent 3: 13 December  Philippians 4:4-7
Advent 4: 20 December Luke 1:39-45
Advent 4: 20 December  Hebrews 10:5-10

Magpie and Christmas. No 15 of the My Friend Magpie stories 

Lukas of Priene - a new presentation of the message of Christmas through Story - now also in French translated by Gilles Castelnau

A Very Special Baby (Christmas story for young children) with stick drawings or with pics
For Children: Finding the Lost Sheep -also suitable for Christmas
Christmas Day: 25 December Luke 2:(1-7), 8-20
Christmas Day: 25 December Titus 3:4-7
Christmas 1: 27 December Luke 2:41-52
Christmas 1: 27 December Col 3:12-17

Making Sense of Sex

This book is a summary of my five volumes of research on attitudes towards sexuality in Early Jewish and Christian Literature, indexed to those volumes.

My hope is that it will prove useful to a wide readership and serve as a doorway for others into the detailed research of the previous 5 volumes.

Neuere Tendenzen in der Matthäusforschung (New)

Nelson Mandela - In Memoriam

Listening and telling as Preachers

Love - a Reflection

Prayer and Reflection on the Death of a Parent - written for my mother's funeral and adaptable for wider use

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A useful resource for ministers and parishes, seeking a fresh approach to the New Testament.
Buy it locally or from Amazon.

Worthy Worship? A Theological Reflection on what we do.
The Authority of Scripture: A Historical Perspective in the Context of Jewish Christian Dialogue

Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Studies in Sustainability
Australia's Day of Apology to the Stolen Generations of its Indigenous Peoples, 13 February 2008

Finding Faith in Fact and Fiction: Making Sense of the New Testament while Maintaining our Integrity and the Integrity of the Text. An earlier version of a paper was delivered to the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria, November 2007
Approaching the New Testament as Source of Faith and Witness to Faith A Paper read at the Australasian Theological Forum, Canberra, November 2007, to be published in revised form with footnotes in the conference proceedings.
Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality and Leadership a paper prepared for the UCA Doctrine Working Group Colloquium, February 2008
The Zacchaeus Tree - A Reflection
Does the Cross mean "No"? Further Reflection on Christians and Other Faiths
Other Faiths: A New Testament Perspective
Baptism, Water, and our World a reflection on baptism

Bartimaeus, but where is Jesus?
The Gospel of Judas - Some Observations
A Prayer about God's Holiness;
Approaches to scripture: considering the options
and see also the Response from my Old Testament colleague, Dr Suzanne Boorer
Preaching as an invitation to engage God-stories
A Service of the Eucharist - for use within Worship

Other resources:

Year A Lectionary Index  First thoughts on the Matthew and other Gospel Passages, Year A
Year of Mark(John) Index First thoughts on the Mark(John) Passages, Year B
Engaging Mark - Reflections on Mark for Preaching NEW

Year of Luke Index. First thoughts on the Luke and other Gospel Passages, Year C
The Role of John's Gospel in the Three Year Lectionary

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