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Sex and Celibacy: A 1st century Perspective on Issues of Celibacy Then and Now
Mandorla Art Award
2018 Theme Address 30 March, 2017

Opening Address at SNTS/CBAP Manila conference, 28 Feb 2015 New Testament Exegesis as Cross-Cultural Encounter: Matthew and John on Soteriology as a Case Study
Gay Marriage? Biblical Perspectives on Gay Marriage and Sexuality generally
The Authority of Scripture: A Historical Perspective in the Context of Jewish Christian Dialogue

Finding Faith in Fact and Fiction: Making Sense of the New Testament while Maintaining our Integrity and the Integrity of the Text. An earlier version of a paper was delivered to the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria, November 2007
Approaching the New Testament as Source of Faith and Witness to Faith A Paper read at the Australasian Theological Forum, Canberra, November 2007, to be published in revised form with footnotes in the conference proceedings.
Poverty and Riches in the New Testament A paper presented at the Prayer and Spirituality  in the Early Church Conference V: Poverty and Riches, held in Melbourne, January, 2008. (not yet available)
Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality and Leadership a paper prepared for the UCA Doctrine Working Group Colloquium, February 2008
Sexuality and Leadership - understanding different points of view

Australia's Day of Apology to the Stolen Generations of its Indigenous Peoples - 13 February, 2008

Does the Cross mean "No"? Further Reflection on Christians and Other Faiths. Also in French: La Croix est-elle un "Non"?
Other Faiths: A New Testament Perspective

Readings of Recognition 3 of the Proposed New Preamble for the Constitution of the Uniting Church in Australia

JUDAS: The Gospel of Judas - Some Observations

Two articles on Baptism: The Kiss of Baptism and Baptism in Context

Approaches to Scripture: Considering the Options; (also in French Quatre manières de lire la bible)

and a Response by my Old Testament colleague, Dr Suzanne Boorer.

"Companions and Competitors" - and Context? A reading of John P. Meier, Marginal Jew: Rethinking the historical Jesus; Volume Three: Companions and Competitors (New York: Doubleday, 2001), a review article first presented at the Historical Jesus Task Force, Catholical Biblical Association of America, August 2002.

Simple Choices? A Response to John Dominic Crossan. This paper was first published in Colloquium 31.2 (1999) pp. 67-74 as part of a collection of responses made to John Dominic Crossan's lectures given at the Australia New Zealand Society for Theological Studies and Association of Theological Schools annual conference held at Morpeth, 5-9 July, 1999. The lectures were an oral presentation of the substance of his book, The Birth of Christianity. Discovering what happened in the years immediately after the execution of Jesus (San Francisco: HarperSanFranciso, 1998).

Conversion and Baptism. A cross cultural perspective in the light of the encounter between Judaism and Hellenism. A paper developed in an Indian context, through Bishop's College (Calcutta), Gurukul College (Chennai) and United Theological College (Bangalore).

Mark 7:1-23 and the historical Jesus - first published in Colloquium 30.2 (1998) 123-151 and presented earlier as a paper to the Historical Jesus Task Force of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, Scranton, August, 1998. Now in pdf format

The Historical Jesus Puzzle - published in Colloquium 29.2 (1997) 131-150 Now in pdf format

Jesus the Jew - a paper read at the Western Australian Council of Christians and Jews and published in Gesher. The Official Journal of the Council of Christians and Jews (Vic) Inc. 1/6 (1997) 48-56 and Trinity Occasional Papers XVII,2 (1997) 5-24.

Unity in New Testament Perspective - an address first given at the Uniting Church Committee for Church Unity and then at the Conference of Churches of Western Australia 1996.

The Gospel of Matthew - An introduction for preachers.

The Gospel of Mark - An introduction for preachers.

Homosexuality - What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? (Also in French: Que dit la Bible de l'homosexualité ? and in Finnish: Mitä Raamattu sanoo homoseksuaalisuudesta?  )

Uniting in Care Address - given at the Inauguration of the Uniting in Care Services Board.

A Community Including People with Disabilities - A Paper adopted by the Western Australian Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia 1996.

I Violence and Peace and 2 Inclusion and Discrimination on Using the Bible Today: Uses and Abuses; two brief seminar papers from the Uniting Church in Australia Lay Preachers' Conference, Melbourne, 1997.

The Bible with Imagination - an inductive approach to the Bible.

Anzac Day - what do we do with it in relation to the Lectionary?

A List of published books, articles and book chapters.

Other items of interest: Dr Pat Turner's PhD thesis argues for Wisdom and Torah influencing Colossians; Dr David Mackay's PhD thesis explores the use of Mark 6-8 in John 6.