A Reflection on the Canadian Rockies


   A Reflection on the Canadian Rockies

    William Loader


O God, your goodness is manifest in this wonderful world;

your wonder is for all to see.

It has emerged and expanded,

rolled and broken,

smiled and frowned,

lain restful or torn itself apart,

all upon the deep waters of your being,

all from the fire of your heart.


As we stand before the waterfalls and lakes,

admire the ancient formations,

the tales of turbulence reaching for the sky,

we acknowledge the holiness of your being,

and of the time and the space where we live.


Yours is goodness

and in you is our origin, our hope, and our peace.

To live in harmony with you,

in engagement with your purpose,

in embracing your love and creativity,

we find life and hope and justice.


Rise up within us as the life

which brings forth new leaves and bears fruit.

Enable us to stand with strong branches,

but also to be willing to break or bend.

Be our nourishment in the dry

and our warmth in the wet.

Make us a place of shelter and strength for others.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen