Dear Kim,

This is what I believe....

Explaining Christian Faith Today

by Bill Loader

What about God?

What about Jesus?

What about the Bible?

What about the Church?

What about right and wrong?

What about being Christian?

Sacred Space

I wrote this book because people in my family and among my friends have often asked me: "Bill, what do you believe?" about so many aspects of Christian faith. My niece, Kim,  was one of many of all ages. As a biblical scholar and theologian it would have been easy for me to take a deep breath, survey all the complexities and begin a long explanation which would have covered all the bases, shown fine academic balance, earned respect as profound exposition from my peers, but which would have left Kim and others yawning.

So I decided it would be a good idea if I wrote simply what I believed about some of the key aspects of Christian belief without trying to meet all those other worthy goals. Can I say it plainly and simply? I have tried in this book to do so. It has worried me that too few people write like this and that many who do so produce not something that is simple and straightforward but something that is simplistic. I have tried instead to share openly what I think. I am not wanting to imply that others should think as I do. Some people like to be told what they should believe because some high authority declares it to be right or 'because the Bible says so' or because they believe themselves to be the authority. This book is not for them. It is for people who want to think critically about their faith and want to find a way of making sense of it so they can live from it in today's world.

An earlier form of the book appeared in hard copy as Dear Kim, this is what I believe. Explaining Christian faith today, published by Uniting Ed., Melbourne. It has now sold out, so I have taken the opportunity to revise it and put it on the web to make it accessible to a wider range of readers.

Downloadable pdf. versions: 1. sequential pages Dear Kim (thanks to Darren Wright)
2. Book formatted Dear Kim (designed for printing and putting together into a book using A4 page size - thanks to Peter Lewis)

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