The Promise of Dawn


William Loader


As sure as the sun sets,

every morning it rises,

sometimes gliding in emergent splendour into the sky,

sometimes hidden behind the mists,

the clouds enveloping the land.


Out of the darkness, light,

but can there be forgiveness from the depths of guilt?


Out of the night, day,

but can there be peace from the hopelessness of war?


Out of the deep absence, radiant presence

but can the broken soul be lifted to new beginnings?


Out of sunkenness, rising to new day

but can the Christ who gave his life live again?


Every morning beckons us to new beginnings.

Every morning invites us to care.

Every morning is a promise of hope.


We are passengers on a rolling earth,

orbiting through outer space,

spinning on its axis

as it chases night and day.


The vast reality of the universe

meets us in our darkness,

the darkness of the night sky,

and hides behind the azure blue of day.

We awake to see only what lies before us.

We sleep amid the far visions of the night.


Yet night’s transcendence sends its visitor each day,

the sun to light our path

to sustain our living

to open new miracles of growth

to encourage our hope

to lead us to the tomb of night.


Death and daring await us in the night;

pain and passion lie in wait;

awe and suspense open their great chasms,

if we will but pass the horizon of light

to see the world’s true need,

to hear the silent crying of the night,

the garden of Gethsemane where anguished souls

cry for justice and long for hope.


Then Christ meets us on our journey,

calls us to follow across the black face of God

and far flung galaxies of the night

into new horizons where hope begins anew,

stones roll and humanity finds itself again in the morning.


Awake O sleeper

and Christ shall give you light!

Behold the light has come. Hallelujah


Let us bring the depth of darkness to the light of day.

Let us bring love into the night of human need.

Let us be an Easter people. Amen


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