Children's Stories

by William Loader
A Very Special Baby (Christmas story for very young children)
with stick drawings or with pics

Finding the Lost Sheep - suitable for Christmas or any time

Curly Pigs - pigs have curly tails - do they have curly hair?

Euclid and the Gardens: whose got the most garden? How they worked it out

We're Going to the Zoo. Are You Coming, too? (for very young children)

Susan's Sto
ry - a true story from Fiji about a wonderful dog

My Friend, Magpie - a set of 10 children's stories about conversations I had with my friend - and now My Friend Magpie Book 2 with seven new stories and more to come!

Graham and the Yellow Envelope - a story for Christmas

Zak - A Story for Children and All

Graham's Surprise Adventure
Ross the Rosella

Jorge and "Squirrels"

What is the church? Helping children celebrate church

Unreal Rain - Simply a Story

Secrets of the Christmas Story in Matthew

Secrets of the Christmas Story in Luke

Donkey - A Story for Children and Adults