Bartimaeus, but where is Jesus?

William Loader

Bartimaeus, the blind man of Jericho.
Why did he cry out?
Why interrupt the journey?
There is too much to do, too far to go.
Jesus is someone special on a mission,
a mission to the holy city.
God is waiting for him.
There will be triumph and glory.
They will hail him king, Son of David!
There is no time to stop.
In a moment we will pass him by;
he will be gone like a fleeting image
and we will move on,
gathering branches for the celebration.
Let him fade from memory;
leave him by the side of the road.
let the Samaritans help him.
Jesus was ahead of us,
Not to be seen.
I rushed on looking among the pilgrims.
Where was he? Not to be found in Bethany,
had he already found that secret room?
Then suddenly I saw this Bartimaeus
coming up behind us and Jesus with him.
Jesus must have lost his way.