Professional Links

As a professional mathematics educator, links to professional organisations are very important to me. My responsibilities vary from time to time, but at present my main professional interests are described below, along with some links to organisations in which I am currently less active:

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT)
AAMT is the major professional body for mathematics teachers in Australia, and comprises a federation of Affiliated Associations, of which MAWA is one. I have previously served terms of office as a Councillor of the AAMT and as Executive Editor of The Australian Mathematics Teacher, the Association's journal for mathematics teachers of students aged about 11-16 years. I am also a member of the Editorial Panel of The Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, directed to the needs of mathematics teachers of older students. I have served a four-year term on the Executive of the AAMT, including two years as President (in 2004 and 2005). I was recently appointed as an Honorary Life Member of the AAMT, some details of which are here.

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA)
MAWA is the main body for mathematics teachers in WA, providing a range of activities for Members, students and others. I am an Honorary Life Member of MAWA and have previously held a number of positions, including President.

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)
Among other things, ICMI organises the 4-yearly ICME conferences and occasional regional conferences, as well as significant themed conferences from time to time. The Klein Project Blog is a particularly interesting recent initiative, with short mathematical pieces intended for teachers.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
The NCTM is the major professional body for mathematics teachers in the USA. It undertakes a large variety of functions for both mathematics teachers and their students. Of particular interest recently are the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, available online. I have been a member for more than 30 years. I have not held any offices in the NCTM, but have contributed to some Yearbooks and written some papers for the journal, The Mathematics Teacher.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)
The ATM is one of the two most important bodies for mathematics teachers in the UK, for many years. It publishes an outstanding journal, Mathematics Teaching, as well as many interesting publications and a fine website. I have been a member for more than forty years.

International Group for Psychology in Mathematics Education (PME)
PME conducts an annual research conference related to the many aspects of psychology in mathematics education. PME news is also available on the web.

Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)
MERGA is the main organisation in Australia concerned with research in mathematics education, and organises an annual conference. I have previously been strongly associated with MERGA, having organised a conference, presented a number of papers at conferences, convened a Special Interest Group and held the position of Vice President. I do not presently hold office in MERGA.

Asian Technology Conference on Mathematics (ATCM) This annual conference showcases and discusses various technologies for teaching, learning and doing mathematics. I have been involved with its work since its inception in 1995.

East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME)
EARCOME is a periodical conference conducted in the East Asian Region. I have undertaken roles in several of the meetings and presented papers and workshops at some of the conferences.