Configuring a JCM applet

This page shows an example of how an applet from the Java Components for Math (JCM Project can be pasted into a web page. To create this page, I have simply copied the applet text from this page, where there are also details of how the applet works and can be configured. The text has been pasted below (where the launch button is).

To show what 'configuring' means, I have changed the setting for one line of code in the copied material so that UseLimitInput has a value of yes instead of no, which was the case in the original. You can see what is on this page by viewing the Source under the View menu.

The applet chosen to illustrate this process shows the epsilon-delta definition of a limit of a function at a point. In the opening example, whatever value of delta is chosen, a suitable value of epsilon can be found so that the value of the function is within epsilon of the limit if x is within delta of the point. You can use the sliders and zoom in on the graph by clicking a dragging a rectangle or you can change the axis values directly. The applet window can be re-sized.

Notice that there are five examples, only the first of which is showing at launch.

Click the launch button below to see it all working and interact with it.

It is also necessary to install on the website the JAR file mentioned (i.e., jcm1.0-config.jar)in the first line. This can be downloaded from the Configurable JCM Applets page, which also contains detailed instructions on how to do all this, as well as linking to the other examples..