The Dice aplet from PSOL

This page shows an example of how an applet from the Probability/Statistics Object Library can be pasted into a web page. To create this page, I followed the instructions from the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, where the PSOL is described by Kyle Siegrist, one of its developers, in this article.

Only two lines of text need to be pasted into this page. (You can see what is on this page by viewing the Source under the View menu.)

Before using the applet, it is also necessary to install on the website (or computer) the JAR file mentioned (i.e., DiceExperiment.jar) in the second line. This can be downloaded from the PSOL site, as described in the article.

The PSOL contains many applets that can be freely downloaded and used in this way, which allows for them to be used on computers without web access. Then main purpose of this page is to illustrate the process of doing this.

The applet chosen to illustrate this process allows for various kinds of random experiments to be conducted with dice. For example, set the drop down menus to Update 100 and Continuous respectively and leave n = 1. Then tap the fast forward ('Run') key to see the results of tossing a standard die 100 times.

Press the information key on the applet itself to get some basic information about using the applet, but refer to the article in JOMA for a more substantial discussion of possible and actual educational use.