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Rationale: This category is intended to capture websites that do not easily fall into only one of the other categories, but offer a range of ways of supporting the work of mathematics teachers, including the provision of various kinds of resources (materials for students, videos, posters, reviews, applets, news items, etc.). Some websites that include links to various mathematics blogging sites are included here. Several of the websites here also feature on the companion sites for Learning Mathematics, as they provide resources intended for student use.


Here are some examples:



The Mathematics Educator


This is a free online journal concerned with mathematics education that will be of interest to mathematics teachers at many levels. It is produced by the College of Education at the University of Georgia in the USA, and often reports on research studies conducted at the university. While, inevitably, some of the papers have a focus towards the USA, there are many universal ideas related to teaching and learning mathematics explored.



Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching


Based at the University of Plymouth in the UK, the CIMT offers support for teachers of various kinds, including access to research information and teaching resources. The Resources are most likely to be of immediate help to teachers, although other aspects of the site offer significant help as well. The CIMT is a good path to the Mathematics Enhancement Programme GCSE course, which has a range of online materials.



Mr Barton


Mr Barton is a mathematics teacher in Formby, England, and has compiled this excellent website, which offers a range of resources for teachers, as well as students and parents. There is a very large set of very useful links of various kinds for mathematics teachers here. These include teaching resources, podcasts, videos, tutorials and reviews. The emphasis is on quality materials, available for free, and teachers will find many worthwhile materials here.



Math Forum @ Drexel


This extraordinary US website was one of the first online resources concerned with mathematics education and has continued to provide extensive help and advice for teachers of all levels, and not only those in the USA. Now based at Drexel University, the site has accumulated a wealth of practical help for teachers of various kinds, and recently engaged in significant professional developmental work. The best way to see what is available here is to start here, where there is an excellent overview of the site’s many features and enormous collection of resources, including MathTools, the Internet Mathematics Library, and Problem areas, among others.



Nrich for Teachers


The excellent Nrich site in the UK offers a wonderful resource for students, but it also offers many useful materials for teachers as well. The Teacher Packages for downloading are perhaps the best example of these, avoiding the need for Internet access to use some of the excellent interactive materials on the site. Other links on this page are also very helpful and will repay the effort expended to follow them. The companion PLUS site also has many materials of direct interest to teachers.





Alexander Bogomolny has developed this quirky site over many years for a wide audience that certainly includes teachers and their students, as well as the general public. There are some 900 Java applets on the site, concerned with a huge range of mathematical ideas, within the general them of engaging with mathematics. To understand the site, it’s a good idea to read his Manifesto.





ELMS stands for eLearning in Mathematical Subjects, a project for sharing ideas and perspectives about university learning, especially focussed on the use of various technologies. The project is based at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Of particular relevance to undergraduate teachers, the site provides a number of video seminar presentations, some with extra materials such as PowerPoint slides, demonstrating and discussing innovative teaching at this level.



Travels in a mathematical world


This blog contains a free weekly podcast from Peter Rowlett, sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). The podcasts can be downloaded individually or can also be subscribed to (via iTunes, eg). Although the podcasts are focussed mostly at university students, teachers of course will also find them of interest, and a good way to get a sense of modern mathematical activities from people involved in them.





The Park City Mathematics Institute, held annually in Utah, USA, is an extraordinary gathering of mathematicians, teachers, researchers and mathematics educators. This link goes to the International Seminar page, describing recent meetings of a small group from eight different countries. The website allows for the Policy Recommendations to be downloaded, offering international insights on topical issues for a wide audience,  including classroom teachers, as well as for other information about the seminar itself to to be explored.


Mathematics Education into the 21st Century Project


This is an international educational initiative whose coordinators are Dr. Alan Rogerson (Poland) and Professor Fayez Mina (Egypt). Since its inception in 1986, the project has worked with people in many countries, most recently via a series of annual conferences. This website links to information about the conferences, which are rich and interesting multinational gatherings. The presented papers on a wide variety of topics relevant to the work of teachers can be downloaded.


TSM Resources


This superb collection of resources has been compiled and is regularly maintained by Douglas Butler, author of Autograph and the initiator of the Technology for Secondary/College Mathematics work, based at Oundle School in the UK. This is an exceptionally rich collection of internet links, well-organised into helpful categories and likely to interest teachers across a wide range.


Developing Quality in Mathematics Education II


A collection of resources produced with support from the European Commission by various European mathematics teachers and teacher educators and shared amongst a network. (Free) registration is required to be able to download the DQME II materials, many of which are very interesting, and offer classroom materials, descriptions of activities and perspectives from a range of countries.

The Carnival of Mathematics


A carnival is a collection of links and descriptive material on a particular theme. The Carnival of Mathematics is a ‘monthly celebration of the mathematical blogging community’, and comprises a collection of interesting items about mathematics. Each month’s edition is compiled by a different person, but it should be possible to locate them through announcements on the web page here. Each edition is usually published on the first Friday of the Month. (The 71st edition was published in November 2010.) Contributions are welcome.

Math Teachers at Play carnival


This is also a monthly carnival from the mathematics blogging world, focussed on teaching mathematics up to the end of secondary school. Many contributors are home-schoolers, and there is an interesting collection of materials and links assembled here each month. There is a list of previous carnivals here. Each edition is usually published on the third Friday of each month and can be located from here (The 31st edition was published in October 2010.) Contributions are welcome.


Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival


This carnival of blogs began only recently, and seems to come out early each month. Each carnival comprises links to multimedia materials, including photographs, videos and applets, related to mathematics. (The 4th edition came out in October 2010, so it’s a bit early to reach conclusions over its continuing quality.) Contributions are welcome.

Teaching Resources: Math and science


This site, based in the USA, contains links to a large number of sites, many of which will be of interest to mathematics teachers. The site also contains a large set for science teachers as well. Browsers will find both familiar and unfamiliar materials here, but much that will be of use in planning lessons.

The MathsLinks network


An Australian network of web links for mathematics teachers, designed and maintained by teacher Simon Job. Links are organised by content area, linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and members are invited to contribute to the collection. (Membership is free.) Other nice resources include downloadable materials (MathsKit) and lesson starters.

Klein Project Blog


This website, managed by the ICMI, contains short vignettes, written to help show connections between school mathematics and contemporary research in the mathematical sciences. Secondary mathematics teachers are a prime audience for these interesting vignettes, and will find them both accessible and interesting, as well as potentially helpful for their teaching.



The Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) conducts a large multi-national Mathematics Assessment Project, based at Shell Centre, located at the University of Nottingham in the UK and the University of California at Berkely. This site provides many kinds of resources related to innovative mathematics assessment, and key personnel have recently been awarded major prizes for their sustained work. Resources can be downloaded from the site.

Mathematics Stack Exchange


This site contains contributions from many people on a wide range of mathematical topics, organised in the form of stacks. It is described as a question and answer site for people studying math at any level … The link goes to a lovely collection of Visually stunning mathematics concepts that are easy to explain. After perusing these, it is suggested that you take a tour of the site and look further to follow your interests.


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