Teaching Mathematics and the Internet


Barry Kissane


This website for mathematics teachers has been constructed to explore some of the ways in which the Internet can be used to support the work of teachers of mathematics. It is a companion website to the Learning Mathematics on the Internet website.


Six categories of opportunities afforded by Internet access are identified below. For each category, a brief rationale is provided and then a few examples of websites that have some relevance to the category are linked. The focus of the present activity is mostly teachers themselves.


Of course, no claim is made that these are the best examples available, and they are certainly not the only ones available. However, they have been chosen to illustrate the rationale and to provoke a conversation about whether or not accessing such a site is likely to be a good use of teacher time and school or personal resources from the perspective of teaching mathematics.


Workshop instructions:


1. Work with a partner, so that you can compare your reactions to others. You may do this with a computer each, or use one computer between two people


2. Select a category from the six below by clicking on it


3. Read the rationale offered to get a quick sense of the main idea


4. Examine some of the examples offered (especially those with which you are not yet familiar) at the school levels of your interest. Read the description before you start, for efficient browsing.


5. Return to this page using the Back buttons on your Browser and select another category. Repeat steps 3 and 4.




Lesson ideas and preparation



Official advice and support



Professional engagement




Commercial support




Local school web sites



Maths teacher resources


Feedback or comments on any of this are of course welcome.