Graphics Calculator Resources

Graphics calculator companies generally provide significant support for teachers and students. In addition, some dedicated individuals also provide substantial help for others. The following websites provide examples of this kind of support, both 'official' and 'unofficial'. (The four companies manufacturing graphics calculators are listed in alphabetical order!)

Links to graphics calculator programs are provided elsewhere on the website.

 I have prepared a number of worksheets for introductory workshops using various calculators. These are available below as pdf files for downloading (requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader).  

Casio Australia

Mathematical Interactions series.

This series of five books written by Anthony Harradine and myself has recently been published by Shriro. The books are primarily aimed at the New South Wales General Mathematics course (Preliminary course), which permits students to use graphics calculators. The books provide a supplement to other textual resources, particularly for the Casio cfx-9850G PLUS calculator. Copies for student and teacher use can be downloaded from the above site.

The five titles are Getting Started, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebraic Modelling, Financial Mathematics and Measurement. Although pitched at the NSW curriculum, it is expected that these will also be of value to students (and teachers) elsewhere.



Charlie Watson's Page


CasioCalc List messages

Casio Japan

Sometimes it is useful to have an overhead transparency or a poster showing a calculator keyboard, particularly when helping beginners. These cfx-9850GB PLUS and fx-7400G PLUS transparency masters have been developed by Casio Japan for this purpose.

Here are some worksheets I have developed for Casio calculators, providing brief summaries of calculator commands:

Casio's ClassPad 300 is an exciting new development in hand-held technology. Here is a brief pdf document (244k) that I have created to give a quick introduction to some of the features. There are also some papers on my publications page related to the ClassPad 300.

Keystroke is a magazine, from the UK which often has some useful resources that can be downloaded.

Graphics calculator activities from University of Virginia.

Hewlett Packard USA

Colin Croft's Page

Some workshop notes for Hewlett Packard HP-38G calculator:


Sharp Australia

Resource material for Sharp calculators:


Texas Instruments Australia

T-cubed oz

Texas Instruments USA

TI Magazine

Workshop notes for Texas Instruments calculators:



AAMT support materials

TAME GC links

UTK GC links